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Sunday, September 15, 2013


His Excellency Mr. Ranjit Rae, Indian ambassador to Nepal
Chief guest of this historic occasion Professor Jayaraj Acharaya, Nepal’s former Ambassador to United Nations,  and the guest speaker today,
Shree Abhaya K jyoo and office bearers from BPKF,  Embassy of India
Dr Bishnubibhu Ghimire President  of the Nepali Writers Association  and other members
Distinguished scholars, academicians, creative writers, artists, media persons and audiences

It  gives me an immense pleasure to have this opportunity to welcome you all as a coordinator of B P Koirala  Centenary Committee for Nepali Writers’ Association  in this august gathering which is  attended by luminaries in the field of art culture, diplomacy and   humanity from India and Nepal. One  major partner  taking   initiatives   in bringing this  event up to this mark is   B P Koirala  India-Nepal Foundation, Embassy of India.   Nepali Writers’ Association is the legacy of oldest literary organisation in Nepal dedicated to the cause of freedom and and democracy,  one of its founding members being  B P Koirala himself more than six decades  ago.  So  we  worked hard in association with the diplomat poet Mr.  Abhaya K and and a very energetic young officer Mr. Pankaj K Mallick  about a year   to  bring our common dream into reality.  His Excellency Ranjit Rae  joined his office as an Ambassador only a few days back  so we  are happy and fortunate to have the new Ambassador  as a chief guest in this  occasion and Nepali Writers’ Association  extends  its warmest  welcome to his Excellency and wishes most successful of days during  his tenure in Nepal.    In fact  this is the inaugural ceremony  of B P Koirala lecture  series  which has been organised on his birth day. This lecture series  will go throughout the year, one lecture  every month for which Abhaya K ji has generously given us very friendly  signals.  Nepali Writers’ Association has drafted a list of various programmes and activities  to be conducted  throughout the year in order to commemorate  the centenary. We hope we will stand jointly together in the days to come. B P Image inspires us to stand together in Nepal  and  India both.

 I  would like to borrow a few words from B P K F site  posted by   Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi; It introduces B P as: Bishwesawr Prasad Koirala after whose name the Foundation is established is a symbol of Nepal renaissance. His ideas and visions made him a unique mixture of liberation, humanism, and social justice. He was a crusader against all forms of injustice perpetrated in various forms and through various agencies,  state and non state. He occupies unique place in politics, literature and intellectual thinking process,  making  him a statesman politician.  B P had the distinction of being the first elected Prime Minister following his party’s overwhelming victory in the 1959 general election. B P’s involvement in the Indian national movement and its impact on his political thinking process made him a close friend of of India.
So this togetherness today symbolises friendship, and the celebration symbolises our honour  from both the people  and  reverence  to BP’s life and  his  immense contribution. In fact in a life span of 69 years he spent all in struggle for freedom and democracy  except two years of his tenure in the government portfolio.
In  the  10th January 1977 entry of   his jail dairy B P  has divided his life time thus :  I am 62 years old  now,  I spent  25 years  in Nepal, and  38 years of my life  in India.   I spent 19 years in Banaras,  8 years in Patna, 5 years in Tedhi,  3 years in Calcutta, 2 years in Hajaribag jail, and 1 year in Darjeeling. So naturally his life of  innocence, enjoyment, learning and sufferings, struggles and even exile is shaped by  the great legacy  extant in the Bharatvarsha though he struggled for freedom of the Nepalese people wherever he was  until   his death.  These  experiences  are reflected in his life and works later on. BP is a mutual friend and the B P K F a cultural bridge between the two lands.  We have immense space to to study, explore and share  B P’s teaching  and experience.   We  together will  have long way to go.   I hope we will be together in this journey of civilization.
We  would like to meet again in the next lecture series and a host of other  programmes to be organised throughout Nepal and some in parts of India like  Benares, Patna, Darjeeling, Assam, Dehradun and Calcutta. Some friends from Calcutta have already arrived Kathmandu in order to plan B P Koirala centenary commemoration programme in Calcutta. We are also organising some  of centenary programmes in Europe America and different parts of Asia. I  hope  Nepali Writers’ Association will be successful in in journey  democracy and humanity.
Finally, I  express my sincere thanks to the Ambassador His Excellency    for his graceful presence
 and Prof. Acharya for his delivery  and valued  scholars as audiences for their presence.
Thanking you  all.

Govinda Raj Bhattarai
B P Koirala centenary celebration committee, NWA

9th September 2013 ( Bhadra 24, 2013)
Nepal Bharat Pusatakalaya

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